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Caring for Ministers’ Wives

Caring for Ministers’ Wives

The Ministers’ Wives Retreat offered a unique opportunity for women to rest, relax, and refresh their spirits.

Ministers’ wives often find themselves pulled in numerous directions, juggling responsibilities both in their churches and personal lives. “This weekend is an opportunity for us as SCBaptists to pour into them and to help them just feel loved and encouraged but also challenged to not only be spiritually healthy but also to make disciples who make disciples,” Melanie Ratcliffe, SCBaptist Director of Relational Evangelism, said.

A Refreshing Time

For many attendees, the retreat served as a much-needed break from their daily routines. One participant shared her favorite aspect of the event, saying, “My favorite thing was having this wonderful time where we were at the beach and could rest, relax, and refresh.”

The worship sessions during the retreat were described as “wonderful and so refreshing” by one attendee. Many also found solace in meeting others who shared similar roles and responsibilities, offering a sense of camaraderie and understanding. As one participant expressed, “Minister’s wives are pulled in so many different directions that I just really appreciate the opportunity to have the time to get along with the Lord, to meet and visit with so many others who are in similar situations.”

Connecting With Others

Ratcliffe shared her hope for the attendees, saying, “I hope that women walk away from this conference with confidence in the Lord’s faithfulness.” She emphasized the importance of serving out of love and trust in God, even in the face of life’s challenges.

Attendees commended Ratcliffe and her team for their intentionality, attention to detail, and the thought put into every aspect of the event. “It just really was clear that so many people love and are cheering us on; they’re in our corner, and they are supporting us,” another participant said. From the worship team’s preparation to the speaker’s sessions and thoughtful gifts, it was evident that the SCBaptist Women’s Ministry Team was dedicated to creating a restorative and refreshing experience.

For Shauna Sands, the most impactful part of the weekend was spending time in cohorts and connecting with other women. “It’s an opportunity for us to be poured into, to love on one another, and also just for our cups to be filled back up,” she said.


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