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Unplanned Acts of Kindness in Disaster Relief

Unplanned Acts of Kindness in Disaster Relief

Unplanned Acts of Kindness in Disaster Relief

For Steven Faucette, ministry happens in unplanned encounters.

In November of 2022, the Kershaw Association Disaster Relief Unit deployed to Arcadia, Florida, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. At first, the teams thought they would be involved in tree cutting, however, when they arrived, they discovered that they would be involved in tarping roofs and mud-out operations.

Steven Faucette served as chaplain during the deployment. “One thing I’ve learned in doing Disaster Relief is to not only be flexible, but fluid, as you never know what each day may bring,” Faucette said. One morning he and the training chaplain found themselves at Walmart because a team member needed new shoes. While she shopped for shoes, Faucette struck up a conversation with a Walmart employee, inquiring how she and her family had fared following the hurricane.

Divine Timing

While the employee’s family was doing well, she knew of another lady who had lost her mobile home a few years ago from another hurricane and now lost another residence to Hurricane Ian. Along with several family members, she was now living in a tent.

Faucette had several Walmart gift cards to give to those in need and provided the employee with several to give to her friend. “She was deeply moved that someone should care not only to ask but to act as well,” Faucette said. Before leaving, he had the opportunity to pray with her and encourage her.

“I would never have had this opportunity unless other events had not led me there that morning,” Faucette said. “Ministry happens not on our time, but on God’s time,” he said.


  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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