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The Urgent Mission in the Asia-Pacific Rim

The Urgent Mission in the Asia-Pacific Rim

The Asia-Pacific Rim represents nearly 30% of the world’s total population, but only 4.2% are followers of Jesus.

That means 43,454 men, women, and children die every day without Christ. Jarod Davis, Globalization Strategist for the International Mission Board‘s Asian Pacific Rim Affinity, said, “We have an urgency and a task to engage all of them.” Together, Southern Baptists send IMB missionaries to be steadfastly present among people and places where Jesus is not named or known.

Thai Buddhists pour water on statues of Buddha.

Partnering in Thailand

Last fall, SCBaptists sent a team of pastors on a Vision Trip to Thailand through their partnership with the IMB. “Everywhere you look, you see people looking for hope and fulfillment and never finding it,” Associational Missions Strategist Bryan Pittman said. People who are non-religious account for 27% of the population of the Asia-Pacific Rim. Ethnic religions account for 25% of the population, 21% are Buddhist, and 11% are Muslim.

As a result of last year’s vision trip, SCBaptists sent another team this year to serve with the Send Relief Serve Tour in Bangkok, Thailand. The team ministered alongside Calvary Baptist International Church in helping refugees in their GED school and visiting homes to deliver food packets and offer the hope of the Gospel.

Because of IMB presence in the Asia-Pacific Rim in 2022, 157,308 people heard the Gospel and 14,477 new believers were reported, but there is much work to do. “We must support these missionaries,” Rob Merritt, Missions Pastor of Mt. Airy Baptist Church, said. Whether by praying, giving, going, or sending, Merrit emphasized that there are opportunities for everyone to support the efforts in Thailand. “God hasn’t given up on these people, and we shouldn’t either,” Merritt said.

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