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Asian Congregation Believer Baptized

Asian Congregation Believer Baptized

Asian Congregation Believer Baptized

In the landscape of SCBaptist churches, a heartwarming event unfolded recently, bearing witness to the power of faith and the transformative work of Jesus Christ.

Shundian Zhang, the oldest member of the East Asian congregation that gathers at Church at The Mill‘s campus in Wellford, South Carolina each Sunday, faces the challenge of weakening eyesight, rendering him unable to read the Bible on his own. However, through the gift of the audio Bible, sermons, and fellowship, Shundian was led to saving faith in the Lord.

Pastor John Zhang engaged Shundian in Mandarin, his native language, asking if he had placed his complete trust in Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of his life. Shundian affirmed his faith and his willingness to be baptized.

Emerging from the waters, Shundian’s hands came together in applause—a sweet reminder of the excitement and joy available to all who trust in Christ.

Shundian, a loving father and grandfather, now carries within him the transformative hope of the Gospel. He is eager to share this life-giving message with his family and loved ones.

Under the guidance of Pastor John Zhang, this diverse congregation continues to witness the work of God’s grace. Although primarily comprised of Mandarin-speaking individuals, the congregation is witnessing Asian, Hispanic, and various immigrant populations find a spiritual home in this small, yet mighty gathering.


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