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From Camp McCall to Mission Field

From Camp McCall to Mission Field

From Camp McCall to Mission Field

For Elliot Windsor*, two of the most formative experiences in his calling to missions were working on staff at Camp McCall and being involved in Palmetto Collective.

While a student at Anderson University, Windsor spent his summers working at Camp McCall, a boys camp that focuses on discipling and mentoring the next generation. At Camp McCall, they often said, “Camp is preparation for life.” They believe that the experiences, the relationships made, the lessons learned, the spiritual growth, and the character development that occurs at camp plays a significant role in the person campers will become. 

Divine Encounters at Camp

For Windsor, camp taught him the value of every member of the body of Christ and the importance of servant leadership. “I learned that every member of the body is vital, and that sometimes the best place of leadership is with a broom and mop bucket,” Windsor said. Camp McCall also holds deeper meaning for Windsor because it’s where he accepted Christ as a boy, where God called him overseas, and how he heard about the Palmetto Collective.

Equipped and Sent

Palmetto Collective is an SCBaptist initiative that equips college juniors and seniors from campuses across South Carolina to be missional leaders of the Gospel. “I began PC knowing almost nothing about how to be a missionary, but I was equipped with resources and experiences where I learned, grew, worked out my calling, and made amazing relationships,” he said.

Today, Windsor is an International Mission Board missionary where he will serve as a Journeyman in South Asia for two years. He expressed how important PC and his experiences at Camp McCall were to his call to missions and in equipping him for ministry. “I’m incredibly grateful to God and the SCBaptist Convention for the life-changing role these groups played for me,” Windsor said.

*Names changed for security purposes.

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