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Spreading Christmas Joy to Inmates

Spreading Christmas Joy to Inmates

Steven Hendricks, chaplain at Goodman Correctional Institution, is helping with an inspiring initiative to bring the spirit of Christmas to inmates.

Joined by fellow chaplains and dedicated volunteers, Hendricks is diligently assembling Prisoner Packets, gift bags for those incarcerated, ensuring they feel the warmth of the holiday season within the prison walls.

More than Simple Gifts

The project represents an all-encompassing effort from the chaplains, volunteers, and churches, recognizing the profound impact a simple act of kindness can have on the lives of inmates. The gift bags convey a powerful message: that each individual is loved and valued, even during difficult times. Receiving a gift during Christmas can ignite a spark of hope, reminding them that they are not forgotten.

Hendricks considers it a blessing to participate in this endeavor. With the collaboration of volunteers and Baptists from across the state, the hope is to not only provide a physical present but also inspire a spiritual transformation within the hearts of the recipients.

Pointing to Christ

Hendricks’s ultimate desire is that each inmate who receives a gift will develop a genuine relationship with Christ. This journey can serve as a catalyst for lasting change and a reason to celebrate Christmas every year, regardless of their circumstances. Over the years, inmates have come to rely on and look forward to the gifts from SCBaptists each Christmas. One inmate said, “For every year that I have been in here – 25 to be exact – I have had a Baptist bag. It is a constant and yet never gets old!”

Chaplain Steven Hendricks and his team exemplify the true meaning of the holiday season, spreading joy, and, ultimately, the love of Christ to those who need it most. Together, they strive to create a world where the transformative power of the Gospel brings joy and celebration to every heart, even behind bars.

  • SCBaptist Creative Team

    SCBaptist Creative Team

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