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Successful Christmas Prisoner Packet Collection Day

Successful Christmas Prisoner Packet Collection Day

Successful Christmas Prisoner Packet Collection Day

Thank you so much for serving with us on Monday, December 5th for our Christmas Prisoner Packet Collection Day! We had 130 volunteers gather to process packets and prepare them for distribution to every inmate in South Carolina. We received over 23,000 packets that our SCBC churches created, and our volunteers processed 17,500 of those packets! The remaining unprocessed packets were given to two institutions and will be distributed by the chaplains throughout the year for inmates in need.

Each year we receive notes of thanks from inmates after they receive their packets.  Here are just a few things inmates have shared with us in recent years:

“Have you ever seen a grown man cry in prison? Of course you have, 5 years in a row now.  Thanks for proving that human nature really is good. Y’all have given me light in my darkest hour.”  J.P.

“Thank you all so much for what you do for us.  You guys have blessed each of us and our families in so many ways.”  L. M.

“A care package ministers to the spirit of a man or woman in prison.  Many inmates have no one in the free world.  You may be the only person or group who displays any concern or regard for such an individual all year long…in doing a care package ministry, you tell people that you care, and that gives hope.” J.D.

“For someone who has lost everything including my family, your love and kindness has shown me that there is still someone out there who truly cares.”  J.J.

To inmates who feel forgotten by the rest of the world, the simple prisoner packet gifts provide hope and show love…and it can be life-changing!  So thank you again for your willingness to serve with us.  This ministry would not be possible without you!

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