Prisoner Packets: Notes from Inmates

Prisoner Packets: Notes from Inmates

Prisoner Packets: Notes from Inmates

Each year following the distribution of prisoner packets we receive notes from thankful inmates across the state. Here are a few we have received in recent years.

“A care package ministers to the spirit of a man or woman in prison. Many inmates have no one in the free world. You may be the only person or group who displays any concern or regard for such an individual all year long…in doing a care package ministry you tell people that you care, and that gives hope.”

“Y’all have given me light in my darkest hour.” -J.P.

“Who knew a person could be so blessed in prison? Thanks for the great blessing!” -B.R.

“…Thank you for letting us know that there ARE people who care about us out there in the world. That we are not forgotten & are loved.”-E

“For every year that I have been in here – 25 to be exact – I have had a Baptist bag. It is a constant and yet never gets old! The kindness that it takes to put not only money but time and energy and most of all prayers for us is the gift that is everlasting. Thank you for always being there. Even in hard times you made a way to make it happen because you care SO much.” -J

“For every one of the twelve Christmases I’ve been in S.C.D.C. I have received one of your Christmas packets. It’s hard to describe how much of a blessing these are…It always cheers me up and gladdens my heart to know that people we don’t even know care enough about thousands of common criminals to think of and spend their time and money to shed abroad the love of God that flows so readily through you toward us. For that seemingly small act I will always be grateful and will strive to show the same love to others.” -N.F.

“I have been here for 10 years, and the blessing you all provide never goes unnoticed. You give me so much to look forward to each and every year.” -G.B.

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