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Making a Difference as a Mentor

Making a Difference as a Mentor

Making a Difference as a Mentor

Heart4Schools is an SCBaptist ministry that serves teachers and students in various communities.

Nancy Kalutz, a member of First Baptist Camden, has been working with Heart4Schools through her church since her retirement in 2017. Kalutz’s church partners with a an alternative school in their community. With her experience as a teacher in the district, she was well aware of the students’ needs and the staff’s challenges.

Mentoring Students

First Baptist Camden has been actively involved in working with CLC students for six years now. Before COVID-19, the initiative was more relaxed, but they had been working towards a real mentoring program. When COVID-19 hit, their goal was to get back to meeting with students one-on-one. Kim Stokes, a faculty member at the school and a member of First Baptist Camden, helped them solidify a real mentoring program by reaching out to Greenville County for resources.

Describing the mentoring program, Kalutz said, “If you’re going to be a mentor, you’re making a real commitment to a student. And it has been fruitful.” Despite some setbacks of students leaving CLC or choosing not to participate in mentorship, they have around 15 dedicated mentors from their church who have built strong relationships with the students.

Our desire is to connect every school in South Carolina with a church that loves and serves them well.


  • Angela McNeal

    Angela McNeal

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