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Caring for International Teachers

Caring for International Teachers

Caring for International Teachers

Kenny Moore, the pastor of Davidson Street Baptist in Clinton, SC has been serving teachers and students through Heart4Schools for many years. His church has partnered with two schools and has been actively involved in providing necessary support to the students and teachers. They have done everything from providing backpacks to building relationships with principals.

Last fall, Moore learned that two international teachers had moved into one of their partner schools. He realized that he had an opportunity to help these teachers who had moved to a new country with just two suitcases. Moore quickly reached out to the principals and asked about the needs of these teachers.

Moore’s church quickly rallied and began to donate items for the teachers. One of their members had recently passed away, and his sister offered to let the teachers come and choose any furniture they needed from his home. The church was able to provide the teachers with everything they needed and more. They had a shower for the teachers, provided kitchen items and towels, and even had three truckloads of furniture to give them.

Moore understands that serving others is part of being a follower of Christ. Even though they were not able to have the teachers visit their church yet, Moore believes that God will never forget what they have done. He knows that when these teachers go back to the Philippines, they will always remember the kindness of the Baptists who loved and served them.

In Moore’s words, “God has just blessed and we’ve built the relationship with, with the principals and it’s done so well… we’re in the kingdom business and God will never forget what we’ve done.”

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