Collaborating to Care for Students

River Springs Church’s Heart4Schools program has been making a significant impact on the lives of students in need at Spring Hill High School and the Academy for Success.

“We are regularly looking for ways to help families in need, teachers who need to be lifted up, and ways we can be involved,” Terry Adkins, River Springs’ Heart4Schools coordinator, said.

Providing a Prom Experience

Most recently, the church, in partnership with a school social worker and the local foster care community, provided a full prom experience for a transitionally homeless senior student. Together they provided the student with a prom dress and accessories, purchased her prom ticket, and provided a gift card for her dinner the night of the event.

The church’s involvement extends beyond this prom experience, as they also support teachers through various programs, collect uniforms for students, provide weekly snack packs for transitionally homeless students, and more. “We strive to obey God as He points us in the direction of His opened doors at these schools,” Adkins said.

Ongoing Support

River Springs Church’s commitment to supporting Spring Hill High School and the Academy for Success goes beyond individual events. For over a decade, the church has been providing weekend snack packs to ensure that transitionally homeless students have access to food during non-school days. The church collaborates with the district’s social workers, guidance counselors, and teachers to identify students in need and assembles the snack packs, which are then delivered to the schools weekly.

The challenges of meeting the diverse needs of the school community can be overwhelming, but the rewards are immeasurable. “We strive to obey God as He points us in the direction of His opened doors at these schools,” Adkins said. Witnessing the positive impact on students’ lives and the gratitude of teachers and staff brings immense joy to the church members. Programs like Adopt-A-Teacher, creating Teacher Appreciation Gift Bags, and bringing simple treats like coffee or muffins provide avenues for the church to show their support and appreciation for the educators who play a crucial role in shaping students’ futures.

Expanding Efforts

Looking ahead, River Springs Church aims to continue building relationships with teachers, staff, and students. They seek to expand their involvement by supporting first-year and international teachers, in addition to finding new ways to help families in need. The church’s ultimate goal is to share the love of Jesus, make a positive difference in the lives of individuals from diverse backgrounds, and seize opportunities to foster faith and community connections.

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