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Finding Connection and Care at Bethea

Finding Connection and Care at Bethea

Finding Connection and Care at Bethea

After her husband’s passing, Mrs. Laura moved multiple times, seeking connection.

Mrs. Laura and her late husband, Gordon, lived in Moncks Corner, where she managed a restaurant. However, life took an unexpected turn when Gordon passed away. Mrs. Laura’s subsequent moves revealed her reluctance to live alone, until she discovered Bethea, a retirement community by the SCBaptist Ministries of Aging in Darlington, SC. In 2013, she found that connection she sought at Bethea and moved into a patio home in 2014.

Transitioning with Care

Health concerns led her, along with her dog Queen Anne, to the Concierge Living Wing in 2021—a bridge between independent living and assisted living. This move allowed her to enjoy family-style dining, off-campus activities, and social visits, all while benefiting from medication reminders and personal care.

Because her finances have dwindled over the years, Mrs. Laura now receives charitable care assistance. Mrs. Laura’s appreciation for Bethea, the compassionate Concierge Living team, and the financial assistance is evident. She said she never wanted to return to independent living. The generous giving of SCBaptists has made it possible for Mrs. Laura and many others to continue thriving within the Bethea family.

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