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From Curiosity to Conclusion

From Curiosity to Conclusion

Kunming was always passionate about learning and education.

As a young adult, he pursued his studies at the University of South Carolina, where he discovered several campus ministries that offered free meals and English classes. Initially, he was wary of the religious aspect of these programs and avoided it. However, when his wife expressed interest in attending a Chinese church, he went along as her driver.

It was during his time at the church that Kunming began to read the Bible and other related materials. He was struck by the reliability of the Bible and began to explore his faith journey in earnest. This experience transformed his life and led him down a new path.

Today, Kunming continues to study and learn about his faith, and he has become an active member of his local church community. He is grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow, both academically and spiritually, and he looks forward to continuing his journey of discovery.

God is bringing the nations to our cities, towns, and neighborhoods. With over 250,000 foreign-born in South Carolina, the Finish Initiative assists SCBaptist churches in engaging unreached people groups that live right in our state.


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    SCBaptist Creative Team

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