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Discovering God’s Love at KidSalt

Discovering God’s Love at KidSalt

Discovering God’s Love at KidSalt

This summer, KidSalt, an overnight camp focused on sharing the Gospel with third, fourth, and fifth graders, centered around the theme “The CHASE: God’s Ultimate Pursuit.”

Campers learned that even before we place our faith in Christ, God pursues us. Through a week filled with worship, Bible study, and activities, campers discovered how to live a life of new purpose and passionately pursue a relationship with God. “Everything we do is intentionally designed to give kids, adults, and staff the time, atmosphere, and tools for the Holy Spirit to speak to the hearts of everyone involved,” Kathy Miles, Associate Director of Children, said.

Lives Transformed

One heartwarming moment was when a camper decided to give his life to Jesus, with his father, a chaperone on the trip, present to witness this spiritual milestone. The father, despite initially hesitating to chaperone due to work responsibilities, expressed how thankful he was to be part of this life-changing experience for his son. In total, 73 decisions were made, including first-time salvations, repentance, and baptism or steps of obedience.

Campers packed 3,000 “Find Life” bags for Baptist Collegiate Ministry to pass out on college campuses across SC.

A Lasting Impact

KidSalt’s impact extends far beyond the camp’s duration. “For me, what God continues to do in the lives of kids long after camp is over is amazing to see and a privilege to witness,” Miles said. One chaperone shared how her daughter used scriptures she had learned at KidSalt to encourage a teacher at her school. The campers also engaged in a missions project where they packed 3,000 welcome bags for college students in partnership with Baptist Collegiate Ministry to pass out on campuses across SC this fall.

“People often say to me, ‘don’t you ever get tired of going to camp?’ The answer is no. Watching a child, student, or adult understand that Jesus is their Savior is the most precious investment that I can make as a follower of Christ,” Miles said.

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