Engaging children in worship

“One of my bosses texted me and asked me if I was comfortable singing a chorus of King of Kings in Spanish, and I immediately felt very scared, but at that moment the Lord was like, “Your weakness is no match for my power,” and I said yes to that, and I said that I would definitely try. I remember that night I was very nervous, and I watched and I looked at the audience. There were about 500 campers there, and I just tried to look for her, and I found her, and throughout the first two songs she was sitting, but we started singing King of Kings, and we went into that final chorus, and I sang that last chorus in Spanish for her, and although it seemed very confusing to all of the other students of, “Oh, we’ve been singing this song over and over again this week, but why are we singing it different this time,” I watched her, and I watched her stand up, and it was such a beautiful moment that I got to see this girl start to understand, and although I didn’t say everything correctly and I might not have remembered every single lyric, I got to minister to her and I got to touch that student personally, and it was very beautiful.”

– Keddy