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Engaging Children in Worship

Engaging Children in Worship

Keddy had always loved singing and leading worship at her church, but when she was asked to lead a Spanish chorus at KidSalt, she was filled with fear.

However, she remembered the Lord’s words to her: “Your weakness is no match for my power,” and decided to try.

On the night of the event, Keddy looked out at the audience of 500 campers and searched for the one girl who had requested the Spanish song. She found her and began leading the first two songs, but the moment of truth came when they started singing “King of Kings.”

As they approached the final chorus, Keddy closed her eyes and began singing in Spanish. She didn’t remember every single lyric and she knew it was confusing for the other students who had been singing the song in English all week, but she focused on the one girl who had asked for it.

Then, something incredible happened. The girl stood up, tears streaming down her face, as she realized what Keddy was singing. Keddy watched her as she sang, and it was a beautiful moment that Keddy would never forget.

Despite her fears and doubts, Keddy had ministered to this student personally and had touched her heart in a powerful way. As she walked off the stage, Keddy knew that the Lord had been with her all along, giving her the strength to overcome her fear and bless others through her gift of singing.


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    SCBaptist Creative Team

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