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Supporting Women in Ministry

Supporting Women in Ministry

Supporting Women in Ministry

Tarah Browning and her husband, Will, have been serving in Los Angeles as part of the North American Mission Board.

But their journey didn’t begin in the City of Angels; it started with a calling that led them to Charleston, South Carolina, where they planted a church in 2007.

Making Pivotal Connections

It was in Charleston that God initiated a pivotal connection that would shape her ministry for years to come. Through the South Carolina Baptist Convention, Browning became involved in the women’s ministry team. “From that time on the team, I knew God would call me to continue serving those women no matter where I was serving with my husband,” Browning said.

Church planter spouses gather in prayer with SCBaptist women’s ministry leaders.

Caring For Church Planter Spouses

When the Lord led the Browning family to LA in 2021, Browning continued to care for church planter spouses. Over the last two years, she has witnessed SCBaptists send a team to Los Angeles to provide much-needed support and care to these spouses. “We currently serve almost 90 planters just in Los Angeles, and this provided an opportunity for their wives to come and receive care,” Browning said.

The SCBaptist women’s ministry team poured into the women, discipling them and worshiping alongside them. Their efforts even included bilingual worship and teaching to cater to the diverse needs of their audience.

Attendees gathered for small group discussions at Called to Conquer.

Serving in NYC

When the opportunity arose for Browning to join the SCBaptist women’s ministry team for Call to Conquer, a women’s conference in New York, it was an immediate yes. The night was filled with worship, fellowship, and meaningful cohort discussions. “We really felt God’s presence here tonight, which I truly enjoyed and truly loved experiencing,” one participant said.

As Browning reflects on her journey, she emphasizes the joy of serving alongside the women’s ministry, imparting the wisdom and love she herself had received. “What a blessing to serve,” Browning said. “Thank you again for sacrifically giving, supporting, and praying. What you do matters, and it matters to people on the ground like my husband and I.”


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