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Spiritual Refreshment at Ministers’ Wives Retreat

Spiritual Refreshment at Ministers’ Wives Retreat

Spiritual Refreshment at Ministers’ Wives Retreat

Twenty-six church planters’ wives spent time in Los Angeles on a retreat organized by the South Carolina Baptist Convention and in partnership with SEND Los Angeles.

This event brought together 26 church planters’ wives from diverse backgrounds, with the aim of fostering connections, providing support, and inspiring these women as they serve alongside their husbands in planting churches. Over the course of the retreat, the attendees participated in various activities, shared their experiences, and received encouragement to continue their vital work.

The retreat kicked off by dividing the participants into seven cohorts based on their respective locations. Many of these women had not met each other before, making this gathering an opportunity for them to connect and establish meaningful relationships.

Uniting Hearts and Cultivating Lasting Friendships

One notable aspect of the retreat was the inclusion of bilingual worship, allowing both English and Spanish-speaking attendees to engage in a shared spiritual experience. With one-third of the group being Spanish speakers, this inclusive approach created a sense of unity and allowed for the expression of diverse cultural backgrounds within the context of worship.

During the retreat, the women were treated to a food tour of Old Pasadena, providing them with an opportunity to bond further while exploring the local cuisine. These moments of shared enjoyment allowed the attendees to relax and engage in heartfelt conversations, deepening their connections and understanding of one another.

Another significant aspect of the retreat was an eye-opening outreach experience. The group visited an area downtown known for open trafficking of girls, where they engaged with 15 girls and provided them with essential supplies such as hand warmers and snacks.

Transformative Experiences and a Vision for the Future

Elisa Medina, one of the attendees from Salvo Por Gracia, shared her experience of the retreat, expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to meet and connect with incredible women who are also serving alongside their husbands in church planting. She emphasized the value of being able to step away from routine, share experiences, and learn from one another. Medina described the retreat as restful, amazing, and a blessing, and expressed her excitement for future events.

Sarah Caldwell, another participant from the LA church planting community, described her first women’s retreat as a truly enriching experience. She highlighted the importance of worshiping together, enjoying delicious meals, listening to inspiring speakers, and growing as leaders. Caldwell expressed how the retreat refreshed and encouraged her spirit, equipping her to return to her city, home, and church with a renewed passion for sharing the gospel of Jesus.

The church planters’ wives retreat in Los Angeles created a space where strong women could gather, connect, and inspire one another in their shared mission of church planting. Through worship, fellowship, outreach, and the power of shared experiences, these women were equipped and uplifted, forming lasting friendships and gaining a fresh vision for their future endeavors. As they return to their respective communities, they carry with them the strength and encouragement gained from this transformative retreat.

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