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A Legacy of Generosity

A Legacy of Generosity

A Legacy of Generosity

For over 70 years, the Baptist Foundation of South Carolina has dedicated itself to helping God’s people fund the Great Commission.

With a legacy of distributing over $95 million to Kingdom ministries, the Baptist Foundation of SC, an auxiliary ministry of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, continues to make a substantial impact. “Our passion is to see individuals and churches become faithful stewards of God’s resources,” Nathan McCarthy, President and CEO of the Baptist Foundation of SC, said.

A Faithful Steward

One example of a faithful steward was Roy McCall Jr., an SC native who hailed from a lineage of heartfelt givers. In 1967, McCall’s father gave his timber to the Foundation, an act that today funds ministry needs at the three Baptist universities, Connie Maxwell Children’s Home, and Bethea Retirement Community. McCall continued this tradition of generosity, culminating in legacy gifts of over $2.5 million to both Connie Maxwell and Bethea after his death in 2022.

McCall’s story is not an isolated incident but rather part of a broader narrative of generosity nurtured by the Foundation. Through its diverse initiatives, such as helping churches manage their resources effectively and aiding individuals in connecting to Kingdom work through giving, the Foundation’s overarching purpose is clear – to empower God’s people to grow as stewards, ultimately fueling Great Commission ministries locally and globally.

Serving Individuals and Churches

The Foundation’s recent fiscal year marked a decade of distributing over $3 million annually, channeled into primarily Baptist ministries, missions, universities, and more. By offering Certificates of Growth (COGs), engaging in ethical investments, providing grants, assisting with online giving platforms, and more, the Foundation demonstrates a commitment to faith-driven financial stewardship, helping hundreds of families provide for themselves, their loved ones, and their favorite ministry causes. 

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