SC Disaster Relief Winter/Spring Activities

 In Disaster Relief

From January through May this year, South Carolina Disaster Relief units have participated in chainsaw work from the Ward/Johnston tornado, the Newberry tornado, and several localized storms, as well as some jobs remaining from  Hurricane Matthew.  Additionally, one of our mud-out units went to Arkansas to help with flood clean-up there.

By the numbers:

  • Volunteer Days: 320
  • Ministry Contacts: 169
  • Chaplaincy Contacts: 96
  • Gospel Presentations: 5
  • Salvation Decisions: 2
  • Bibles Distributed: 22
  • Assessments: 61
  • Mud-out –           Tear-outs: 4
  •                                 Pressure Wash: 2
  •                                 Mold Remediation: 5
  • Debris Removal: 22
  • Chainsaw Jobs: 50
  • Heavy Equipment Hours: 43
  • Temporary Roofing: 5

We have held three of our four major training events, with an attendance of 221 new volunteers and 342 returning volunteers. The final training for this year will be held October 13-14 at White Oak Conference Center.

SCDR continues to coordinate work in the RebuildSC initiative, with mission teams coming and going almost continuously at the Johnsonville rebuild site, including hundreds of college students during spring break. Work is concluding in Johnsonville and the focus of RebuildSC is shifting to the Nichols/Mullins/Marion area.

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