Three Keys for a Neighborhood VBS

Three Keys for a Neighborhood VBS

Hosting a neighborhood Vacation Bible School (VBS) can be an impactful way to reach out to kids in your community and share the love of God. However, planning and executing a successful VBS takes careful consideration and organization.

In this resource, we’ll explore three keys to a successful neighborhood VBS: recruiting, resourcing, and celebrating.


Recruiting is the first key to a successful neighborhood VBS. Identify which neighborhoods or areas your church members live in and who would be willing to host a small group of kids. Consider which kids tend to hang out together often and what kids live in those neighborhoods or areas so that you can connect them to a small group. Additionally, recruit church members who are willing to serve as leaders and volunteers to help you organize and run the VBS.


The second key to a successful neighborhood VBS is resourcing. Choose a theme for your VBS and utilize resources and materials from curriculum creators such as LifeWay, Orange, or GO!. You can also create your own theme that coincides with a sermon series at your local church or goes with what kids are learning in your kids ministries. Decide on music, activities, and games that reinforce the theme and make the VBS memorable and fun.


Finally, celebrate the wins when it’s all said and done. Regardless of the number of kids who attend, sowing seeds in a child’s life is worth celebrating. Follow up with families after the VBS to keep the conversation going and get them plugged into local churches.

By using these three keys to set up the structure, schedule, and goals of your neighborhood VBS, you can plan a successful event that shares the gospel and connects with kids while building community together. Remember, plan the VBS and let the people come!

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