Tips for Effective VBS Follow-Up

Tips for Effective VBS Follow-Up

Following up after Vacation Bible School (VBS) is crucial to building lasting connections and continuing the impact of your ministry.

By implementing these tips, you can ensure successful follow-up and create meaningful Gospel connections with VBS kids and their families. Let’s dive into the V-B-S approach to effective follow-up:

V – Visibility

  1. Ensure High Visibility: Make people, information, and resources easily accessible.
    • Enlist pastors, church staff, and ministry leaders to welcome families, provide directions, and engage in conversations.
    • Set up a coffee and donut station for parents, where leaders can chat and build relationships over a cup of coffee.
    • Utilize colorful and attractive posters, visuals, and online platforms to display important contact information, service dates/times, connection opportunities, and mission initiatives.

B – Build Relationships

  1. Be Impactful and Interested:
    • Get to know the names and interests of the children. Simple questions about their hobbies or favorite things can help initiate conversations and foster relationships.
    • Facilitate face-to-face interactions between parents and VBS leaders, such as drop-off and pick-up arrangements.
    • Encourage VBS leaders to learn the names of parents and caregivers.

S – Seek Continued Connection

  1. Extend Invitations:
    • Invite VBS kids to sing VBS songs in church the following Sunday, encouraging families to welcome them and sit together.
    • Request VBS leaders to send letters, postcards, or make phone calls to the kids they connected with during the week. Home visits or drop-and-runs are also thoughtful options.
    • Enlist families from your church to reach out to VBS families they have something in common with, inviting them to special events or gatherings.
    • Utilize a family day event to recap the VBS week, share upcoming activities for kids, and answer the question “Why should families come back to our church and ministry?”
  2. Create Connection Opportunities:
    • Include ministry leaders for kids, teens, and parents in the final day of VBS or family day. Introduce families to various ministry team members, fostering connections across different age groups.
    • Plan a “Missions Trip” or activity related to the VBS missions project, engaging kids and families in serving together.

Remember the V-B-S approach when planning and praying for VBS this year. Effective follow-up will help you make lasting Gospel connections with VBS kids, their families, and your church community. May God bless you with a remarkable summer of ministry!

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