Prepping for VBS: Getting Students Involved

Prepping for VBS: Getting Students Involved

Involving students in the preparation for Vacation Bible School (VBS) not only lightens the load but also empowers them to take ownership and develop valuable skills.

By implementing the following strategies, you can engage students in meaningful ways and create a sense of excitement and accomplishment before VBS even begins.

Show Them the Ways of the Force… (Power Tools as Props)

  1. Safety first: Provide proper training on using power tools, emphasizing safety precautions. Ensure students understand the importance of responsible tool handling.
  2. Teach proper techniques: Demonstrate how to use each tool correctly, emphasizing the right way to handle and operate them.
  3. Productivity and confidence: Encourage students to actively participate in building and constructing VBS decorations or props. Seeing the finished product boosts their confidence and instills a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Lifelong impact: Although it requires time and effort to teach these skills, the lessons learned can have a lasting impact on students’ lives, equipping them with practical knowledge and self-assurance.

Show Them the Ways of Social Skills (iPhone as a Prop)

  1. Effective communication: Engage students in group projects, promoting teamwork and collaboration. Teach active listening, following instructions, and clear communication.
  2. Developing relationships: Encourage students to interact with their peers and adult volunteers, fostering a sense of community and teamwork.
  3. Skill sharpening: Recognize that social skills need to be nurtured and developed. Invest time in helping students improve their social interactions, as these skills are valuable in various aspects of life.

Show Them the Ways of Other Skills (Paint Brushes as Props)

  1. Painting, designing, decorating, organizing: Assign students tasks related to these skills, allowing them to contribute their creativity and talents to VBS preparations.
  2. Embrace imperfection: Encourage students to explore their abilities and take risks, even if it means things may not be perfect. Prioritize empowering students and teaching practical skills over achieving flawless results.
  3. Life-long benefits: The skills gained through VBS preparation, such as painting, designing, and organizing, will benefit students in their present lives and future endeavors.

Getting students involved in the preparation for VBS not only lightens the workload but also empowers them, fostering a sense of ownership, confidence, and skill development. By teaching them the proper use of power tools, social skills, and various practical abilities, students can contribute meaningfully to the VBS experience. Emphasize the importance of safety, communication, and creativity while allowing room for imperfections. Through their involvement, students will not only gain valuable skills but also grow in their faith and feel a sense of pride in their contributions to VBS.

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