God’s Eternal Perspective, Morning Sacrifice, Week Two/ Day 6

God’s Eternal Perspective, Morning Sacrifice, Week Two/ Day 6

God’s Eternal Perspective, Morning Sacrifice, Week Two/ Day 6


God’s Eternal Perspective

Genesis 12:1-4

This is a similar devotion to the one three days ago. As our parents told us more than once, God can do the same. No one likes to go on a trip without knowing the destination. It is foolish to get in the car and go, unless you know where you’re going. Yet that is exactly what God asked Abram to do. He told him to go to a land He would show him. Imagine packing up and taking your family, all your animals, and all your possessions to an unknown place.

What would make someone do something so foolish? Faith! It had to be faith— pure, genuine faith. There had to be such a faith and trust in the Almighty that Abram knew God would take care of his family. He believed the God of heaven had a plan far beyond his imagination. How different is this pattern for you and your church? Is God asking you to step out in faith and trust that He has a plan that you may not see? Are you going to follow Him, or are you one who must see the whole picture before you get going?

All of those are legitimate questions that everyone must deal with at many junctures of life. Churches too need reminders that God always has a plan for where He is leading and what He is orchestrating. Think back on your life: your job, marriage, birth of children, building your home, planning for retirement, and many other decisions. You did not know what the future would hold for any of those, but you took giant steps of faith. You trusted all the information you had available to you to step out and just do it.

What is so different for you now that you are not trusting the future of your church to the hands of Almighty God? It is His church unless you have taken it from Him. It is His church, in His hands, and in His control. Do you think He is going to let it fail? Has God ever failed at anything?

Ask God what He wants you to do. Does He want to use you to accomplish His plan and purpose, or does He want you to get out of His way, so He can do a mighty work? Pray diligently about this.

Dear God, I do not know where You are going but I do want to have the faith of Abraham and follow You anywhere. You lead and I will follow. Amen!

Dr. Jerry K. Sosebee,
Retired Director of Church Strategies
South Carolina Baptist Convention

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