Morning Sacrifice Devotional

Morning Sacrifice Devotional

Morning Sacrifice Devotional

A Devotional Prayer Guide for Churches Asking God for a Hopeful Future

Devotions & prayers for the the church, Morning Sacrifice, is a perfect place to seek the heart of God and pray for your church.

Morning Sacrifice: Devotions for Revitalization is a resource written for churches seeking renewal and hope for the future.
– 50 devotionals covering a range of topics related to church revitalization and renewal.
– Each daily reading includes Scripture for reflection, a related devotional thought, and a focused prayer or response.

Great resource for midweek teaching times, seasons of churchwide prayer, or leadership development.

Order copies ($3/copy for SCBC churches; $5/copy for non-SCBC churches) to be shipped to your church or download the pdf Ebook.

View sample devotions below:

Week One/Day 1 – “How Long will God Put Up With Us?”

Week Two/Day 6 – “God’s Eternal Perspective”

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