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Mid-Year SCDR Activity Report

Mid-Year SCDR Activity Report

Mid-Year SCDR Activity Report

This winter/spring was light on disasters, praise the Lord! Although there were some terrible tornadoes in states such as Mississippi and Arkansas, they asked for help only from their neighboring states. Some SC units have served this year in non-disaster projects and on nearby jobs after local storms. These activities help them to be better prepared for disaster responses.

Children’s Response Teams:
One team served at Converge, an annual retreat for collegiate groups. They provided childcare for the children of leaders of church college groups and BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) Directors. Learn more about BCM…

Two teams taught learning sessions for children attending WMU’s Girls in Action/Children in Action Days. These were held at the Baptist retirement communities, Martha Franks in Laurens and Bethea in Darlington. The DR volunteers explained about the ministries of Disaster Relief, gave a tour of a DR unit, and led the children in activities such as a “mud-out relay” and dressing up in DR gear. Learn more about GA/CA…

Feeding teams prepared meals and snacks for two events in April: the spring DR training at Northwood Baptist Church, North Charleston, and supporting Spartanburg First Baptist on a youth mission trip in Kentucky.

SCDR partnered with RAM (Remote Area Medical), helping them to hold a free medical clinic in Greer, SC. Our feeding team prepared meals and snacks for the doctors, dentists, and other personnel at the event. Read more…

Another partnership was with the SC State Guard, preparing meals and snacks for their four-day training exercise at North Airfield in North, SC. The remote location was chosen by the Guard to give their troops (and therefore our feeding team) the experience of functioning in an austere environment like what they might encounter when serving after a disaster. Read more…


Various chainsaw units have assisted with dead trees needing removal or with trees damaged in their area by local storms. Some of these jobs were for needy residents and some were to assist churches. One team served after a fire at a house next door to their church, tarping the roof and helping with clean-up. Another team served at SC WMU’s Camp La Vida, where spring “tree maintenance” helps to get the camp ready for the summer camping season. That team also washed the dining hall windows inside and out – showing flexibility to serve where needed!

We’re grateful for all the volunteers who use their DR skills and equipment to serve the Lord by serving others even between the “big” disasters!

SC Disaster Relief Activity ReportJanuary 1-June 30, 2023
Volunteer Days288
Work Hours2,210
Chaplain / Ministry Contacts8
Meals Prepared2,431
Children that Received Care81
Chainsaw Jobs10
Temporary Roofing2
Fire Clean-Up1
Heavy Equipment Hours44
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