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Reaching the Unreached Locally and Globally

Reaching the Unreached Locally and Globally

Reaching the Unreached Locally and Globally

Northwood Baptist Church in North Charleston, SC, has established a remarkable commitment to missions, both locally and globally.

Through their focus on encountering God, experiencing community, being equipped to make disciples, and engaging the world, Northwood aims to help its members connect their everyday faith to their everyday lives. Logan Catoe, Discipleship & Missions Pastor, said, “Our goal is for people to shift their mindset from understanding mission as something set up by the church to something that is always possible wherever you are.”

Reaching their Community

Northwood Baptist Church understands the significance of local missions as a starting point for engaging in the mission of God. Northwood recently partnered with Gesthemane Baptist Church in revitalization efforts, sending out staff and families from the church to settle in at Gethsemane. Northwood also hosts community outreaches and is involved in local schools.

Northwood is also located near Charleston Southern University, but around six years ago, only one college student regularly attended services. Today, around 200 college students faithfully attend Northwood. The church actively involves its student ministry in missions through initiatives like GenSend, where students are sent to various locations such as Boston, Salt Lake City, and Denver. Under the leadership of Randy Jackson, Executive & College Pastor at Northwood, the church prioritizes discipling students and providing them with opportunities to serve.

Reaching the Nations

Globally, Northwood initiated a partnership with the International Mission Board in Japan, caring for missionaries and their families who are serving unreached people groups. In August, a team of 19 individuals will travel to Japan to care for Third Culture Kids (TCKs) with the IMB. This decision to focus on Japan stems from Pastor Tommy Meador’s personal relationships with IMB missionaries serving in Tokyo. The team’s primary goals are to support missionaries and their families and engage in practical ministry in Tokyo.

Northwood Baptist Church’s commitment to sending mission teams both locally and globally reflects their desire to connect everyday faith with everyday lives. From initiating a partnership in Japan to engaging students and supporting church planters, Northwood exemplifies a church actively involved in fulfilling the mission of God. “Ultimately, we just want to be found faithful with what God has given us,” Catoe said. “And we desire to be around God’s throne one day with every tribe, tongue, and nation.”

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