SCBaptists Enhance Education through Community Engagement

South Carolina Baptists have been steadily increasing their involvement in local schools. From April 2023 to April 2024, Heart4Schools and SCBaptists have experienced significant growth in both school partnerships and church participation. In April 2023, SCBaptists were partnered with 503 schools, a number that rose to 590 by April 2024. This increase of 87 schools represents a 17.3% growth over just one year, showing

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Recruiting Volunteers

Are you trying to serve your local school on your own? Everyone needs a team of people to help! Pray about 4-5 who might be a Heart4Schools Team who helps lead and carry out your ministry. Once you have this group, consider ways to enlist volunteers. Help your church members see the opportunities and experience

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Encouraging New Teachers

Support needed for new teachers*Between 40 and 50% of early career educators leave the profession within their first 5 years.*Before the pandemic, 25% of new SC teachers left after their first year!*The number of new college graduates with a bachelor’s degree in education has decreased to 4%. (Pew Research Center, September 22)*October and January are

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