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An International Student’s Faith

An International Student’s Faith

An International Student’s Faith

Wilson’s life took a remarkable turn when he embarked on an exchange program to study business at the University of South Carolina.

Reflecting on his transformative journey, Wilson shared, “Before I came to know Christ, I was an exchange student studying business at USC. I was excited to learn more about American culture.” Little did he know that his encounter with Lance and Levi from Shandon Baptist Church’s College Ministry would change his life forever.

Invited to their small group, Wilson embarked on a semester-long exploration of Christianity, accompanied by the support and friendship of his newfound Christian companions. Their influence proved to be pivotal, as Wilson confessed, “After a semester of learning about Christianity and making great Christian friends, I surrendered myself to Jesus.”

Now back in Hong Kong, Wilson embraces his newfound faith with enthusiasm and a burning desire to share the Gospel with his friends and family.

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    SCBaptist Creative Team

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