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Walking in Faith at Mount Nebo Baptist Church

Walking in Faith at Mount Nebo Baptist Church

Ron Henderson’s journey into ministry began unexpectedly when a friend stopped by his car lot.

The friend, a pastor of a local church, asked, “Ron, why don’t you come and preach for me this Sunday?” Without hesitation, Henderson accepted, and this decision marked the first step on a remarkable path.

A Divine Calling

The moment Henderson took the pulpit at Mount Nebo Baptist Church, he felt the Holy Spirit telling him this was his new home. Before his arrival, Mount Nebo had often served as a temporary stop for pastors and ministries. “Mount Nebo, prior to me coming, was almost like a stopping point for a pastor in between ministries,” Henderson said.

A Testimony of Faith

Henderson’s own journey, marked by overcoming drug addiction and alcoholism, has instilled in him a deep empathy for the marginalized and those that society often overlooks. He draws parallels between his past and those who find refuge at Mount Nebo, emphasizing that the church is a place where people truly matter. “There’s always a chance for God to move in somebody’s life, so you can’t give up,” Henderson said.

Henderson attributes Mt. Nebo’s success not to any one person, but to God’s guidance and provision. “I just feel like this church has been so blessed because God is the head of this church,” Henderson said.


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