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Reaching and Loving Community

Reaching and Loving Community

Reconcile Community Church in Greenville, SC, is deeply committed to reaching and loving its community.

“The heart to plant Reconcile came from a burden to see a Gospel-centered church in a poverty-impacted community,” Pastor Will Broadus said. After living in East Asia as a missionary, the Lord burdened Broadus’ heart for underserved towns.

From the church’s inception, Pastor Broadus took to the streets for prayer walks, engaging with individuals and addressing their spiritual and practical needs. He was often met with individuals with a distrust for Christians, asking him when he was going to leave. “I’ve realized the importance of longevity. It’s taken years to build relationships that are trusting,” he said.

After a fatal shooting at a local middle school in March of 2022, Reconcile provided a meal to support teachers on the anniversary of the tragic day.

Reaching Local Schools

After looking for ways to engage more of their community, the church initiated a Bible study at Carolina High School, partnering with FCA to address misconceptions about the Gospel and emphasize the centrality of Christ and grace. The church later baptized two students they met through Carolina High FCA.

After a tragic and fatal shooting at a local middle school in 2022, the school contacted Broadus to hold a prayer vigil for the grieving community. “We just want to be a consistent, loving presence in the community when tragedy or difficulty arises,” Broadus said. In remembrance of the difficult day, the church provided lunch to teachers to remind them they were supported and cared for even a year later.

Community Outreach

Reconcile Community Church’s commitment extends beyond religious instruction. They organize block parties, Gospel rap concerts, and after-school programs, partnering with other non-profits to utilize their facilities for the betterment of the community. They even transformed their church space to accommodate visitations for foster care families during the pandemic.

Their consistent presence and assistance during times of suffering, tragedy, and difficulty have earned the trust of the community. Through their genuine love and service, Reconcile Community Church is bringing the light of Christ to their neighborhood and beyond.


  • Angela McNeal

    Angela McNeal

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