Ministers’ Wives Appreciation Ideas

May is Ministers’ Wives Appreciation Month in South Carolina. This is our time to honor and appreciate the women who sacrifice, support, and lead alongside their husbands in our churches. We’ve put together a list of a few ways to highlight and honor these women.

-Write & collect cards of appreciation from the congregation.

-Host a dessert & coffee night in their honor.

-Fill a basket with their favorite snacks as a gift.

-Give them flowers along with their favorite snacks.

-Collect gift cards to nail salons, restaurants, or their favorite retail stores.

-Gift them a weekend away with their husband.

-Film a “Getting to Know you” video highlighting their salvation story, favorite things, personality, service, and strengths.

-Bless them with a “day of service” in their yard, car maintenance, or house cleaning.

-Collect grocery store gift cards to pay for their groceries for a month.

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