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Sharing Christ’s Love through Foster Care

Sharing Christ’s Love through Foster Care

For David and Katie Bennett, their experience as foster parents has been a Gospel opportunity for their family.

David spoke about how they felt called by God to enter foster care ministry, saying “We really felt like this was what God was calling us to do. It’s an opportunity for us to display the Gospel through our family, an opportunity for us to really dig into the brokenness of the world.”

David mentioned that during the COVID-19 pandemic, they realized they had the means to foster and decided to steward their resources well. They have seen the blessings of foster care through the love and support of their church community. Katie expressed how their church, Lake Murray Baptist, has rallied around them and helped in any way possible, from providing meals to offering childcare, and even helping with Christmas gifts for their family. Through their experience, the church has learned how to be involved in foster care ministry as a whole.

Generosity of the Church Community

According to David, “As we have seen how our church has responded, it really has been an opportunity, not just for individual foster families to get into this, but for a community, a faith family to come together and to be a part of what God is doing.” For the Bennetts, foster care is not only about providing a home for children in need but also about displaying the love of Christ through their actions.

Fostering as a Picture of Christ’s Love

Katie continued, “And time after time, I’m reminded of how this is just a picture of what Christ has done for us, that he has loved us and our brokenness, and he has brought healing and restoration to our souls. And we get an opportunity to display that in the way that we engage with foster care.” Through their act of obedience, “the Lord has just been so incredibly great,” Katie said.

There are over 3,800 children are in foster care across South Carolina. We’re partnering together to support children in hard places, families, and workers.


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