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Community Thanksgiving Meal Making Sure No One is Alone on the Holidays

Community Thanksgiving Meal Making Sure No One is Alone on the Holidays

Community Thanksgiving Meal Making Sure No One is Alone on the Holidays

For the last 15 years, Low Country Community Church in Murrells Inlet has hosted a free Thanksgiving meal for their community. Project N.O.A.H., as the event is better known, stands for No One Alone on the Holiday.

It began in the home of Steve Fairchild, Senior Pastor of the church, when he hosted a meal with 15 guests who were in town on business but away from their families during the holidays. In the second year, the attendance doubled to 30 and could no longer fit in Steve’s home. 

Since its humble beginnings, the event has massively increased in size. LowCountry Community Church now hosts the event where volunteers served over 1300 meals for Thanksgiving 2022. 

Fairchild said this event is one of the best-attended outreaches for volunteers, with over 190 volunteers from six different churches that partner with Low Country Community Church for the event. He says volunteers love serving and connecting with the guests. 

While they are happy to provide a meal and community for those who need a place to spend the holiday, Project N.O.A.H. is more than just a meal. “This meal is a tool that we use to create an environment to introduce people to Jesus and together follow him,” Fairchild said. 

Aside from serving the meal, the event has a team of “Prayer Warriors” who visit each table to connect with guests. They take prayer requests and pray on the spot with guests.

This year, a gentleman came to Project N.O.A.H. for the first time. He lost his wife in June and would be spending Thanksgiving alone. When he saw an advertisement for Project N.O.A.H. on television, he decided to come. He prayed that day to receive Christ! 

His story is not an isolated occurrence. Fairchild said, “over the years, many regular attendees began their spiritual journey at Project N.O.A.H.” and now faithfully attend the church.

Like Pastor Fairchild and Low Country Community Church, don’t overlook the hurting and hidden in your community. People who need to experience the love of Christ surround the church. Be willing to see and serve them.

Visit our page on Evangelism or Neighboring for ideas on how your church can impact those in your community.


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