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Palmetto Collective Spreading Hope in LA

Palmetto Collective Spreading Hope in LA

Palmetto Collective Spreading Hope in LA

Several students from the Palmetto Collective (PC), a group of missionally-minded college juniors and seniors, embarked on a mission trip to Los Angeles.

The students joined forces with Send Relief, an organization focused on making a difference in communities across North America. Students also served alongside PurposeLA and The Abiding LA, two church plants under Send Los Angeles, and brought hope to the marginalized and overlooked populations in the city.

Students worshiped at The Abiding Church, a church plant pastored by Trenton Mueller.

A Force of Compassion

Lee Clamp, Chief Executive Officer at SCBaptist, expressed the profound impact of the mission trip. In just a week, the students engaged in 100 relational conversations and 76 Gospel conversations. “The missionaries said they had never had a group have that many Gospel conversations in a week,” Lee said. Lee shared a powerful moment where they pulled a man named Christian out of homelessness and brokenness, connecting him with a two-month recovery program facilitated by Set Free Church LA.

PC students were also able to worship with church plant, The Abiding Church, and see what it takes to start a new church in an urban context. “It’s an exciting time to be starting a church in Los Angeles and we’re so thankful for the Palmetto Collective and South Carolina Baptist,” Trenton Mueller, pastor of The Abiding Church, said.

Collaboration on Mission

The team was also able to work in collaboration with SC missionaries Will Browning, and Cory Singleton, both former SC pastors, and Sara Pepper, a former PC student, who were all deployed to Los Angeles. These missionaries and other church planters provided invaluable guidance and support throughout the mission trip.

“It was good to be able to work alongside several SBC church plants and see how our efforts and funds are being used to impact churches that want to do nothing other than see people have a relationship with Jesus,” PC student *Jerry Farmington said.

Students ministered to those facing homelessness on Skid Row.

Ministering to the Vulnerable

One of the focal points of the mission trip was ministering on Skid Row, an area synonymous with poverty and homelessness. The PC students fearlessly ventured into this challenging environment, driven by a deep desire to show the hope found in Christ. Serving alongside other volunteers, PC students handed out clothing, meals, and Bibles. “It was sad seeing some of the darkest parts of LA, but being able to still see God working is incredible. It shows that Gods light always shines through the darkness,” Farmington said. Their presence on Skid Row served as a beacon of light, offering a sense of dignity and reminding individuals that they are seen, valued, and loved.

Collaborating with Set Free Church in LA, a church plant partially funded by the North America Mission Board, they worked alongside leaders who themselves had overcome adversity and found a purpose in rehabilitating and developing those whom society had overlooked. Individuals were pointed to Set Free Church and their resources for overcoming addiction. Specifically, Set Free has an addiction recovery program that walks participants through sobriety and towards salvation.

Recognizing the unique struggles faced by women engaged in prostitution, the female PC students also dedicated time to serve this vulnerable population. By extending a hand of support, the students were about to cover these women in prayer and share with them the hope of the Gospel.

The Palmetto Collective’s mission trip to Los Angeles, in partnership with Send Relief, PurposeLA, The Abiding LA, and Set Free Church, exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration and a desire to see every life saturated and transformed by the hope of the Gospel. By engaging in countless conversations and offering a helping hand, the Palmetto Collective illuminated the path of hope and restoration found in Jesus Christ.

*Names changed for security purposes.

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