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Equipping Church Planters for Kingdom Growth

Equipping Church Planters for Kingdom Growth

Recently, a team of SCBaptist leaders hosted a weekend dedicated to training and equipping church planters.

This gathering brought together church planters from various backgrounds and experiences to learn, fellowship, and gain valuable insights into effective preaching and ministry.

The weekend, hosted by the Church at LifePark with Pastor Chad Moore and his team, was designed to invest in church planters and provide them with practical tools and training. The event featured various activities, including dinners, worship services, and intensive training sessions. Attendees had the opportunity to connect, share their experiences, and build a network of like-minded individuals with a shared passion for planting churches.

Emphasis on Preaching the Word

One of the central aspects of the training was focused on effective preaching. Church planters learned how to prepare and deliver impactful sermons that connect with their congregations. Taylor Antone felt that the emphasis on preaching was encouraging because preaching is often seen as the anchor of any church, as it plays a vital role in teaching and equipping believers.

“The better we can expose the Word, preach the Word, share the Gospel, and encourage people, the better our churches will be,” church planter Taylor Antone said. Taylor Antone and his wife, Rachael, planted Ten27 Church in West Ashley.

The weekend reinforced the importance of effective preaching, the vision of reproducing churches, and the need for a supportive community of like-minded individuals in church planting. Josh Bradley, SCBaptist Church Planting Strategist, said, “We’re excited about the fact that we can partner with our planters alongside some of the best leaders that we have in the state to help train our church planters.”

Churches Planting Churches

Another church planter, Ben Winn, spoke about the excitement of planting new churches as the best way to expand the Kingdom of God. He stressed the importance of being part of a community of pastors who share a common goal and are dedicated to reaching their cities and beyond. “So we know that God is working, and it’s just encouraging, I think, for me to see other church plants around our state and to just be part of their story,” Winn said.

Edson and Ashley Garcia, a couple passionate about reaching Spanish-speaking communities, shared how encouraging the weekend was and how inspiring it was to hear from other church planters. They also shared their experience of ministering to people from different cultures within the United States, emphasizing how the message of the Bible transcends cultural differences and brings people together through the Gospel.

Pastor Chad Moore expressed his excitement for reaching more people by “calling out the called” within their churches and challenging them to go out and reach others for Christ. This vision of multiplying churches that make disciples of all nations is at the heart of church planting.

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