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Cultivating a Missionary Heart

Cultivating a Missionary Heart

Cultivating a Missionary Heart

Kenna Boyle’s journey to Botswana has been deeply shaped by her involvement in music at her church and her experiences at Camp La Vida.

From a young age, Boyle’s parents emphasized the importance of church fellowship and ministry. “Living a missions lifestyle was a natural part of our family’s partnership with the church,” she said. Their active involvement in various church ministries encouraged Kenna and her siblings to serve alongside them, instilling in her a passion for missions that became a natural part of her life.

Music played a significant role in Boyle’s journey, as she witnessed the impact of music ministries on spreading the Gospel. “I saw the Lord stirring hearts for Him through music,” she said. Church members mentored her, honing her musical abilities and nurturing her desire to use her talent for missions, either stateside or overseas. Boyle saw how music could open doors for sharing Jesus with communities, sparking a desire to pursue missions further.

Campers at Camp La Vida meet active missionaries from all over the world and learn how God is moving across the globe.

Camp La Vida’s Impact

Growing up, Boyle attended Camp La Vida, a missions discipleship education camp owned and operated by SCWMU. Camp La Vida has a legacy of missions education, as it has served SCBaptist churches since 1983. Campers enjoy days filled with Bible studies, meeting missionaries, personal devotional times, and other camp activities, including archery, baking, camping, and more.

The stories of missionaries Boyle heard at camp left a lasting impression on her. There, she was also exposed to the urgency of the Gospel. “I remember being thrilled to know that I could be a missionary right where I was,” she said. She later worked on staff at Camp La Vida for two summers, where God continued to prepare her heart for foreign missions.

Kenna, age eight, engaging in a research project about Botswana.

An Early Calling

Boyle’s love for Botswana began at eight years old with a research project where she learned about the people and the country’s culture. “Somehow, I just knew God would have me there eventually,” Boyle said. Combining her love for music and her calling for missions, she pursued a music degree at Anderson University.

One specific encounter with a missionary at Camp La Vida stood out to Boyle. When talking to the missionary about pursuing missions after college, he suggested Botswana, the very country God had placed on Kenna’s heart since she was a child. This encounter helped to confirm her calling and led her to pray and consider a mission trip there.

Following God’s Call

After serving on a mission trip to Botswana for two months with IMB‘s Nehemiah Project affirmed her calling, Boyle reached out about returning for two years as a Journeyman. Through this journey, Boyle’s faith and relationship with God grew stronger. Relying on God during the preparation for missions deepened her trust in Him. “God has been so faithful through the whole process,” Boyle said.

Boyle’s assignment in Botswana will include teaching children and participating in various ministry opportunities. She also aims to intertwine her passion for music in her daily interactions with the children. Among other things, she also plans to begin an English tutoring program. “I pray that the Lord uses our team to reach the unreached with the gospel and encourage the believers there,” she said.


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