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A Gospel-Driven Summer Camp

A Gospel-Driven Summer Camp

A Gospel-Driven Summer Camp

SummerSalt is a high-energy summer youth camp that aims to captivate the next generation with the Gospel.

Each summer, over 3,000 students spend a week on Charleston Southern University‘s campus for SummerSalt. The theme for this year’s camp was “Most Wanted.” Bryant Laird, Associate Director of Students at SCBaptist said, “We wanted students to understand that before we ever had a thought of following God, He was pursuing us through the work of Christ.”

Students participated in Bible study groups, personal devotion time, and nightly worship services centering around the stories of Jonah and Luke 15’s prodigal son. “SummerSalt really keeps the Gospel as the main focus,” David Bennett, pastor at Lake Murray Baptist Church, said.

Life-Changing Decisions

“With everything that goes on and how busy life can get, having this week devoted entirely to the Lord really helps me get back on track,” one camper said. SummerSalt’s impact is evident in the 397 life-changing decisions made, including decisions toward salvation, repentance, and calls to ministry.

“One of the unique patterns of SummerSalt is we consistently see more students responding to a call to ministry than we see students responding to salvation,” Laird said. With gaps across the nation for pastoral positions, Laird is excited about the possibility of equipping the next generation of church leaders.

A Christ-Centered Experience

SummerSalt’s aim is to complement the Gospel foundation already laid in the lives of young individuals through their parents and local church. “Our desire is for each student to hear the same message at camp they hear at home and in their local church,” Laird said.

Driven by the principles of God’s Word and guided by exemplary college students, the camp offers a safe and nurturing environment for spiritual growth. With its commitment to being Christ-centered and Gospel-focused, SummerSalt stands as a reliable and impactful choice for young people seeking to deepen their faith and connect with the Gospel in a meaningful way.

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