Leading Your Church in Foster and Adoptive Ministries

As a pastor, you have a unique opportunity to lead your congregation in caring for vulnerable children through foster and adoptive ministries.

Will Browning, adoptive parent and SEND City Missionary with the North American Mission Board, shared three key ways to do that: model, join, and dedicate.

  1. Model: As a pastor, it’s important to have a personal connection to the heart of foster and adoptive care. Consider becoming a foster family, adopting a child, or volunteering your time with vulnerable children. By sharing your story and personal experiences, you can encourage others in your congregation to get involved as well.
  2. Join: There are likely already opportunities for foster and adoptive care in your community. Connect with caseworkers or other organizations and find ways to partner with them. Consider supporting local foster families, hosting events or celebrations, or simply being a resource for families in need.
  3. Dedicate: Every November, there is a special Sunday called Orphan Sunday, which provides an opportunity to highlight the needs of vulnerable children and promote foster and adoptive care. Use this day to preach a sermon on the topic and encourage your congregation to get involved. By dedicating just one Sunday a year, you can make a significant impact on your church’s culture and the lives of children in your community.

By modeling, joining, and dedicating, you can lead your church in caring for vulnerable children through foster and adoptive ministries. Start small and work together as a community to make a big difference.

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