Ways To Pray and Take Action in Foster Care and Adoption


  1. Pray for the many current and future children in the foster system across South Carolina. Pray that these vulnerable children would find love and support daily and would ultimately find hope and security in Jesus.
  2. Pray for Foster Families as they care for children experiencing crisis and trauma. Pray that they would be supported well by friends, family, and their faith community as they serve.
  3. Pray that many NEW Christian families would step forward, either to take a child into their home or to provide support for other families who do through respite care.
  4. Pray for “Helping Agencies” and ministries across South Carolina. These frontline workers face secondary trauma daily as they serve individuals who are experiencing abuse, loss, and difficult relational environments. Pray for DSS workers, Foster and Adoption Agencies, South Carolina Children’s Homes, Pregnancy Centers, and others who serve vulnerable children across our state.
  5. Pray for churches to strengthen their efforts to actively pursue ways to support all of those listed above and to create a culture of caring for vulnerable children and those who care for them.

Take Action:

  1. Adopt or foster. We have an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love to vulnerable children and families who are in crisis in a way that cares for them and honors the Father.
  2. Volunteer to serve. Whether you are providing respite care to a foster or adoptive family or volunteering to serve at a Pregnancy Crisis Center or a Foster Ministry, the Church and her people are needed across South Carolina.
  3. Give to support life-saving initiatives. Pregnancy care centers, foster ministries, and similar frontline ministries could see an influx of clients since Roe v. Wade has been overturned. Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries, for example, is seeking to care for vulnerable children and are actively working with churches to provide licensing, training, and support for foster families across South Carolina. https://conniemaxwell.com/what-we-do/foster-care/

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