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Vermont Flooding: Mud-Out Units Needed

Vermont Flooding: Mud-Out Units Needed

Vermont Flooding: Mud-Out Units Needed

SC Baptist Disaster Relief Mud-Out units are on STANDBY to serve in Vermont. The STANDBY level means units are needed – prepare to go.

All mud-out Unit Leaders should contact their volunteers, determine dates of availability, and contact the state convention DR office to be placed on the schedule to serve.

Torrential downpours have washed out roads, caused mudslides, and damaged many, many homes and businesses in Vermont. The Baptist Convention of New England is coordinating the Baptist Disaster Relief response, with the help of Send Relief. They expect to need assistance from other states for several weeks.

At this time, SC has been asked only for mud-out units. As the response evolves, if other types of units are requested, that information will be passed along.

SCDR-trained volunteers should contact their Unit Leader if they are available to serve. Those not yet connected to a unit can email Sue Harmon,, for help in finding a unit with which to serve in this response.

Churches and individuals can support DR efforts through prayer (click HERE for suggestions) and giving. Thank you for your continued support!

  • Sue Harmon

    Sue Harmon

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