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The Thankful Church Plant

The Thankful Church Plant

The Thankful Church Plant

This article was featured in the November 2022 edition of The Baptist Courier. 

Recently, one of my mentors and heroes in ministry was called home to heaven. In the Days following his passing, I reflected on what he taught me, the legacy he left, and how I could emulate his many years of faithful service for the sake of the gospel. While thinking about those things, one quality of his remained in the forefront of my mind: the way he intentionally invested in the lives of young pastors. I was the beneficiary of that investment, and the way he encouraged, challenged, and believed in me helped pave the way for me to plant a church.

Behind every effective church planter stands one or more pastors who are farther along in the journey of ministry. Those older, or sometimes just more experienced, pastors have chosen to sacrifice time and energy that could be used on their own churches to help a church planter become the best pastor he can be. When pastors of new churches reflect this month on what they are thankful for, they will recall men like my mentor that have influenced them. If there is a church planter in your community, you can make an effort to be that encouraging mentor for them. You can pass along the wisdom you have gained over coffee or lunch. He will be thankful you did.

-Cliff Marshall, Start Team Leader


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