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Nurturing Intentional Discipleship through DiscipleSC

Nurturing Intentional Discipleship through DiscipleSC

Nurturing Intentional Discipleship through DiscipleSC

SCBaptists are on a mission to foster meaningful relationships rooted in faith and discipleship. 

Recently, two SCBaptist churches, New Pleasant Baptist Church in Gaffney and Millbrook Baptist Church in Aiken, hosted DiscipleSC, a transformative event dedicated to reminding, resourcing, and facilitating real relational environments for pastors and staff, with a primary focus on personal relational discipleship that changes culture, not just strategy.

Church leaders learn hands-on discipleship methods in a small group setting.

Glorifying God by Making Disciples

For Bryan Yelton, pastor at New Pleasant Baptist Church, “DiscipleSC is a great tool and training to accomplish our vision of glorifying God by making disciples who make disciples through intentional relationships.” Disciple SC provided a valuable tool and training platform to help leaders and congregations achieve this vision.

“Discipleship is messy. As we build relationships with people, we also step into their lives,” Yelton said. At DiscipleSC, attendees are encouraged to engage with their families, co-workers, neighbors, and friends in everyday settings where they already have common interests.

Through training, small group discussions, and large group settings, DiscipleSC aims to equip leaders to make disciples where they live, work, and play. Practical strategies shared ensured that leaders left with concrete steps to impact their respective spheres for Christ.

Attending DiscipleSC

For pastors or church leaders looking to implement similar training events, Yelton advised attending a DiscipleSC event themselves. This experience would equip them with the knowledge and understanding needed to cast a vision for intentional discipleship within their congregations. “Next, I would encourage a pastor to bring church leaders and group leaders to a DiscipleSC event as soon as possible,” Yelton said.


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