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Transformation and Church Planting in Spartanburg, SC

Transformation and Church Planting in Spartanburg, SC

In November 2016, Taylor Little found himself at a crossroads in life.

He woke up that day feeling a deep sense of sadness and confusion about his purpose and identity. Taylor, on his way to a flag football tournament, reached out to God, seeking answers. Little’s encounter at the tournament would change his life forever and set him on a path of faith, transformation, and ultimately, church planting.

Experiencing Discipleship

As fate would have it, Taylor crossed paths with a familiar face he hadn’t seen in three years, Ricky Wilson. Ricky recognized Taylor and initiated a conversation. Taylor poured out his heart, sharing his struggles and questions about trusting in God and following Jesus. Taylor told him, “I know there’s a God. I know there’s Jesus, but how do you just trust in Him? How do you just follow Him?” The response he received was like nothing he had heard before: “It’s like this. It’s going through the Word, learning who Jesus is and how he lived his life, and also me walking with you in that and walking through your daily struggles, your weekly struggles.” These words sparked something within Taylor—a newfound understanding of faith and discipleship.

Taylor’s journey with Jesus didn’t magically erase his imperfections. Shortly after his encounter, he found himself returning to old habits, visiting a bar and feeling broken inside. However, he was determined to overcome his struggles and seek spiritual guidance. Taylor sought out Ricky and shared his ongoing battle. Together, they embarked on a journey of studying the Word, establishing boundaries, and setting goals to overcome the sins that plagued Taylor’s life. Gradually, their shared commitment to loving and living like Jesus began to bear fruit.

A Call to Church Planting

The story took an unexpected turn when Ricky revealed that he felt called to plant a church in South Carolina. Taylor, unsure of what church planting entailed and knowing very little about South Carolina, sought guidance from God. In a moment of clarity at his workplace, he heard God’s unmistakable voice telling him to go and help plant the church in Spartanburg, SC. Although initially skeptical, Taylor accepted this calling and shared it with Ricky. Remarkably, Ricky had already received confirmation from the Holy Spirit about Taylor’s role, making the decision even more evident.

Arriving in Spartanburg, Taylor immersed himself in the local culture, eager to understand the community’s needs and aspirations. “I really started to feel my heart, I guess, growing for this area because people, from what I understand, knew about God, knew about Jesus just like I did, but they didn’t grow up living that lifestyle,” Taylor said. This realization ignited a deep passion within Taylor—to fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples, baptizing them, and teaching them to observe God’s commands. Taylor’s own transformative journey had made him keenly aware of the importance of the Gospel and the significance of walking alongside others in their faith journeys. He understood that life was not meant to be lived in isolation; instead, we are designed to support and uplift one another.

Ricky Wilson (left) and Taylor Little

Emboldened in the Spirit

Over time, Ricky began discussing church planting with Taylor, who initially felt hesitant and fearful. The idea of taking on such a monumental task seemed overwhelming. However, as God worked on Taylor’s heart, the fear dissipated, replaced by boldness and faith. Taylor had to learn the true meaning of compassion—a vital characteristic for someone embarking on a church planting mission. The journey demanded a deep understanding and readiness to walk in compassion, serving and ministering to others with love and empathy.

Today, Taylor stands as the pastor of ID Downtown, a church plant in Spartanburg, SC. His story exemplifies the transformative power of faith and the incredible impact one individual can have when they surrender their fears and follow God’s calling. Taylor’s journey serves as an inspiration to us all—to embrace our purpose, step out in faith, and make a difference in the lives of others.

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