Level Two Training: Revitalization Practitioner Certification

Continue your training and join the Revitalization Practitioner Network through certification as you implement what you have learned and begin to help an at-risk church find a hopeful future. Click here for more information on Revitalization Practitioner certification.

Form an Associational Revitalization Team

Leverage the strength of local pastors and leaders to serve at-risk churches in your association by forming an associational revitalization team. Here is a series of articles by Scott Catoe than can help you launch and implement a team in your association:

Train your Associational Team

  • 100% Online - With online videos, downloadable case studies, sample reports and more, you can train a team online according to a flexible training schedule.

  • Regional Training w/Facilitator- If you prefer to train your team in person, our facilitators can assist with on-site training using the same resources created for the online lab portal. Using printed resources and online training videos we can help design a custom training experience that best meets your needs.
  • Sample Schedule:
    • Session 1: Orientation & Engaging Churches

      Online Assignments: Participants watch 2 online videos: Exploration, Examination

    • Session 2: Q&A, Cohort Time to work on assigned case study

      Online Assignments: Participants watch 2 online videos: Recommendation, Presentation

    • Session 3:  Q&A, Cohort Time

      Online Assignments: Participants watch 2 online videos:  Affirmation & Implementation

    • Session 4: Q&A & Cohort Time

    • Session 5: Cohort presentation & Next Steps