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The Courier Embraces a New Chapter

The Courier Embraces a New Chapter

The Courier Embraces a New Chapter

“I am thrilled to see the new direction in our Baptist Courier monthly magazine,” Travis Kerns, Associational Mission Strategist at Three Rivers Baptist Association, said.

Established in 1869 and adopted as the official newspaper of the South Carolina Baptist Convention in 1920, The Baptist Courier tells the story of how SCBaptists are working together toward the Great Commission and serves as a tool for assisting church members along their journeys of faith.

In February 2023, The Courier board called Jeff Robinson as editor and president. “By God’s grace, we will continue the good work that has begun here for His glory,” Robinson said. He emphasized that the strategy of The Courier would be to inform, instruct, edify, and glorify God.

“We desperately need biblically-based, serious, Gospel-promoting resources as individual believers and as churches, and the new Baptist Courier assuredly fills the need,” Kerns said.

  • SCBaptist Creative Team

    SCBaptist Creative Team

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