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A Nurse’s Prayer

A Nurse’s Prayer

A Nurse’s Prayer

Shelley, a dedicated nurse, found her faith shining brighter amidst the challenging times she faced.

“We are now talking of spiritual things daily, and remembering daily to pray for one another,” she shared, reflecting on the newfound camaraderie among her colleagues. In the midst of their work, they found solace and strength through studying God’s word and praying together.

The impact of their spiritual connection extended beyond their interactions with one another. Shelley witnessed the transformation within herself as she became bolder in sharing God’s love with her patients. “I have prayed with my patients more during this time than ever,” she revealed. Recognizing the value of each precious life, she reminded her patients of the gift they held in their arms, urging them not to succumb to worry but to embrace the joy of their child.

In her role as a nurse, Shelley drew strength from two key scriptures, which she shared with her patients, coworkers, and even family members. 2 Timothy 1:7 reminded them of the power of God’s spirit within them, instilling confidence and peace in the face of uncertainty. And Matthew 6:27 served as a gentle reminder to entrust their worries to God, knowing that He held their well-being in his hands.

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