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Sharing Faith in West Africa

Sharing Faith in West Africa

Sharing Faith in West Africa

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Brooke Tipton is a journeyman from South Carolina currently serving in Togo, a country in West Africa.

Recently, Tipton and a group of short-term mission volunteers and pastors were going door-to-door, meeting residents, handing out Gospel tracts, and praying with families and individuals. When a teenager approached them, attempting to communicate with them through his African regional sign language, they realized he was trying to tell them that he was a Christian. He pointed to the cross necklace he wore and beckoned them to follow him.

Leading by Faith

The teen, Ézéchiel, led the team back to his home, urged Tipton to the door, and stepped aside as three of his family members stepped outside.

“Ézéchiel figured out we were sharing the Gospel. He wanted us to share with his family because he couldn’t explain it in their language,” Tipton said. “He was so excited that they were finally hearing.”

New Believers in Togo

After sharing the Gospel with Ézéchiel’s family, all three members prayed to receive Christ. He continued to walk with the team, taking them to visit more and more homes so that they could continue to share the Good News.

Before leaving for the day, Tipton gave Ézéchiel a stack of tracts and showed him how to use it. Tipton asks you to join her team in praying for this young evangelist as a local pastor on the team disciples him.


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