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Revitalizing Faith with Lexington Baptist Association

Revitalizing Faith with Lexington Baptist Association

Revitalizing Faith with Lexington Baptist Association

A member from The Ridge talks with Pastor Eric Grissino.

The Lexington Baptist Association (LBA) has faithfully aided many churches on their journey toward revitalization.

Two examples of recent revitalizations are Faith Baptist and Ridge Baptist.

Faith Baptist Church in Swansea, SC, encountered uncertainty following their pastor’s departure. Turning to Johnny Rumbough, Executive Director of Missions, and the Lexington Baptist Association, they found support, not just in expertise, but in a collaborative approach. The congregation’s enthusiastic acceptance of revitalization recommendations showcased their resilience and faith in God’s plan for the church.

Ladies gather for a time of devotion and encouragement at Faith Baptist.

Revitalization Through Collaboration

Similarly, Ridge Baptist Church, now The Ridge, faced a leadership transition as their pastor, Bobby Eubanks, retired. Although located in Summerville, SC, Eubanks called on Rumbough and the LBA’s expertise to help facilitate a smooth revitalization process, ensuring a seamless shift to their newly called pastor, Eric Grissino.

“Ridge Church became the ninth church to go through a revitalization process and the only church that I’ve led outside of my own Lexington Baptist Association,” Rumbough said. Stories like these and many more showcase the potential for growth and renewal when local associations and churches work hand in hand to breathe new life into faith communities.


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