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Retirees on Mission

Retirees on Mission

Retirees on Mission

Like most retirees, James and Peggy Hamby were excited to think through what they’d spend their newfound free time on during retirement. “We started thinking about what we’d do when we quit working. We joined a country club, we were going to play golf, and then God called us,” Peggy said.

God stirred in their hearts and called them to serve on mission in Europe, sharing the Gospel and furthering the Great Commission. Peggy and James now spend their time teaching English and Bible to refugees, meeting people in the community, learning the native languages, and seeing lives changed.

“We’ve seen people come to know the Lord, we’ve seen people get jobs that didn’t have jobs because we were able to teach them English,” Peggy said.

While most retirees spend their free time on hobbies, relaxation, entertainment, and some well-deserved sleep, Peggy and James felt the Lord leveraging their newfound freedom and stage of life for the Great Commission.

“This is nothing that we would have planned for retirement, but we feel it is a huge blessing that God has given us. We’d encourage everyone our age to come and work on the Great Commission with us,” Peggy said.

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