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Living on Mission in Los Angeles

Living on Mission in Los Angeles

Motivated by a desire to make a difference and live on mission, Sara felt a calling to move to a city where she could impact lives.

“When I graduated college, I really wanted to end up in a city somewhere across America where I could live on mission,” she explained. “God just opened up all the doors for me to end up in Los Angeles.”

One of Sara’s favorite aspects of living in LA is the cultural richness and diversity that the city offers. “It’s amazing to see that there’s so many different people groups, languages, people from different backgrounds, whatever it may be, coming to this one city,” she expressed. This diversity provides her with numerous opportunities to share the Gospel with those who have never encountered Jesus before.

Finding Community in a Church Plant

Being part of a church plant has played a significant role in Sara’s journey. She found herself blessed to be connected with The Abiding, a church plant in Los Angeles. Through this community, she discovered a sense of belonging and support that she had never experienced before. “I have truly found a community that I’ve never experienced before,” Sara shared. “There are people here that were friends so quickly, but then even from that, they have already felt like such close family.”

Sara’s involvement with The Abiding also revealed to her the passion that members had for sharing the Gospel and living a life dedicated to Jesus. She expressed her amazement, saying, “I’ve also never seen so many people before that are a part of a church be so passionate about sharing the Gospel, being on mission, and living their life day to day for Jesus.”

The Call is for All

Reflecting on her journey, Sara emphasizes that living on mission in a city like LA is not exclusive to a select few. “I feel like this is so easy and so doable,” she affirms. Sara’s practical approach involved applying for job opportunities in the city and connecting with The Abiding. The church community offered her a support system, with friends and fellow members ready to help her with housing and everyday needs.

“Because of the church plant and because of what God is doing here, it’s so doable to live on mission,” Sara says. Her experiences serve as an encouragement to anyone considering living on mission in a new city.

Sara’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of community and the impact one person can make when they step out in faith. Her story reminds us that living on mission is not confined to a select few, but rather, it is an invitation for all believers to pursue a purposeful and impactful life.

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